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Mediation Terms Agreement

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The Role Of The Mediator


Where couples who have decided to separate from one another, mediation can help to find mutual agreement between the pair pertaining to areas such as child custody (including access rights), rights to property ownership and/or division thereof and financial maintenance matters.

The mediator’s task is not to provide any type of marriage counselling or indeen any type of relationship consolidation service but instead to give support to the couple who are undergoing the separation process to find ways to work together in agreeing arrangements that they both can adhere to and that are acceptable to both individuals. Any couple can avail of mediation, whether they are married or not. The role of the mediator does not include giving any sort of legal advice to the separating couple.

Terms of the Legal Separaton Agreement


Once a mutual agreement is reached by both individuals, the mediation terms agreed to can be drawn up. The terms will need to be signed by both parties. To ensure that these agreed terms are legally binding, a solicitor can be engaged to draw up a legal separation agreement based on the terms drawn up by the mediator. Necessary legal work pertaining to property ownership, child custody/access rights and maintenance matters can be taken care of by the solicitor engaged. It is highly recommended that couples get legal and financial advice prior to and during the mediation process to ensure they are fully aware of their legal rights before making any decisions. 

The mediation process, including any agreements reached is strictly confidential and is not admissible in evidence at any point.


The information above and within the content of our website is intended solely as a guide in an effort to provide general information on mediation matters. We do try to ensure that the all information is as current and accurate as possible, but we cannot guarantee this. Family Law Solicitors Dublin is NOT a solicitor’s office in itself nor do we purport to offer any legal services directly ourselves. What we do is match you with a competent family law solicitor who is legally qualified to offer you the legal assistance required.

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