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Marriage Annulment in Ireland

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Civil Annulment (Nullity) vs Church Annulment

It is important to understand the distinction between an annulment of marriage in the legal sense of the term and a marriage annulment granted by the church. A Catholic church annulment allows the persons involved to get remarried from a church perspective but not from a legal one.

From a legal standpoint, a legal decree of a civil annulment declares that the marriage never existed in the legal sense even though the couple have gone though a ceremony of marriage.

Under what circumstances can a civil annulment application be made?


Below are some examples of circumstances where the court may grant a decree of a civil annulment. At least one party must apply for the marriage to be voided and the courts decide that if the application should succeed or not:


  • Where consent to marriage was granted by one party whilst under duress
  • Where there was an element of fraud on behalf of a partner
  • Where one party was already married.
  • Where one or both parties did not satisfy the legal age requirement of 18 years and did not have legal permission to get married under this minimum age requirement.
  • Where, at the time of the marriage one party is unaware of a personality disorder or mental illness diagnosed by a mental health professional in the other party.
  • In situations where sufficient notice was not given to the Registrar of Marriages
  • Where one party of the couple is not able to perform sexual intercourse with the other.

It is important to note that the legal rights of an individual as a married person, including the entitlement to a spouse’s estate in the event of their death, are forfeited on foot of the granting of a legal annulment.


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