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Child Custody Process

Before looking to engage child custody solicitors Dublin, it is helpful to understand some important facts from a legal standpoint.

The number one consideration of the court is always the child’s welfare and, in the majority os cases, custody applications are handled by the District court. 

Where married couples with a child/children are concerned, both parents are considered to be joint custodians of the child or children. As custodians, each one is therefore equally responsible for rearing their dependent(s).

In cases where a married couple separates, it is possible they can decide between themselves as to who will take custody of their children and the level of child access will be given given to the other party.

Failing any type of mutually agreeable agreement regarding child custody, separated couples must apply to the court for a decision. They can, if they wish, try to resolve matters through a mediation service first, but, if this does not produce any positive results, the court application route for a custody decision must be followed.

If you find in yourself in this type of difficult position and are unable to agree child custody terms, we can help by putting you directly in touch with experienced Dublin based child custody solicitors. Simply complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Considerations Prior To Engaging Child Custody Solicitors Dublin


In circumstances where a child is born and a couple is not married, the mother is deemed to be the legal custodian. It is open, however, to an unmarried father to make application to the court for custody if no agreement can be reached. He may also apply for custody should the mother place or decide to place the child in adoption.


Application for custody can also be made in the following circumstances outlined below. An eligible applicant can be:

  •  A relative of a child
  •  A person residing with a child who was or is currently married to the child’s parent
  • A person residing with a child who was or is currently in a civil partnership with the child’s parent.
  • An individual who has lived with the child for a minimum of 3 years, 2 of these years having lived with and shared responsibility with the parent for caring for and welfare of the child on an ongoing daily basis.
  • In the absence of a parent or guardian willing or in a position to take charge of the responsibilities of a child’s guardianship, a person living with a child who is responsible for the child’s care on a continuous daily basis for at least a year may make application for custody.

* A guardian without or has lost custody of a child, may (under the Guardianship of Infants Act 1964) make application for custody.


Please note that, is the case with all the information provided on Family Law Solicitors Dublin, the information on our this webpage is intended as a guide only to provide general information on the subject of child custody matters. We do try to ensure that the all information is as current and as reasonably accurate as possible, but we do not and cannot provide any explicit guarantees of this. Family Law Solicitors Dublin is NOT a solicitor’s office in itself nor do we purport to offer any legal services directly ourselves. What we do is match you with a competent family law solicitor who is fully qualified to offer you top legal assistance with your family law or child custody case.

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