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When Should You Seek Help From a Dublin Divorce Solicitor?

When mediation, counselling and all other attempts to salvage a marriage breakdown result in failure and there is no hope of any reconciliation, sometimes the only avenue open to allow both parties move on with their lives, is a divorce. A Dublin divorce solicitor can help streamline the process as much as is possible.

A divorce will allow each party to remarry or enter into a civil partnership.

Currently (June, 2021), in Ireland, couples must be living apart from one another for two years out of the preceding three years before they can initiate divorce proceedings. They may still live in the same house per se, but they would need to have been living their own separate lives for the requisite two years.

To be eligible for a divorce, in addition to the aforementioned two year separate living requirement, there must no chance of the couple ever getting back together and the court must be satisfied that arrangements in place for each party and their dependents (should there be any).

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Official Orders of the Court

If all legal requirements are satisfied, the court can make official orders in relation to matters concerning:


  • Child Custody and Access
  • Maintenance Payments
  • Pension Entitlement
  • Lump Sum Payments
  • Succession Rights
  • Property Transfer

Divorce Decree

It is important to note that divorce decree, once granted, cannot be reversed. Applications can be made to request to have orders made under the divorce decree reviewed by the court.

Before choosing to go the divorce route, it is highly recommended getting the proper legal assistance and advice needed first especially where there are;

(1) Issues related to finance and property division.

(2) Child custody and access rights

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As is the case with all the information provided on Family Law Solicitors Dublin, the information on divorce matters above is intended as a guide to provide general information on the subject for those searching online for Divorce Solicitors Dublin. We do try to ensure that all the information is as current and as reasonably accurate as possible but we do not provide any implicit guarantees of this.

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