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Child Access Court Application

Following a separation, often a very contentious issue can be access to children. In situations where neither parent can agree on access arrangements, either one of the parents may ask the court to make a decision as to which one of the parents the child should reside with and what the access rights of the other are. Child access can refer to one of the following types of access;

  • Visitation rights
  • Allocated time with the child or children
  • In person meetings
  • Telephone communication
  • Email communication
  • Other digital technology communication methods such as through Skype or Facetime

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Under The Children Act of 1997, blood relatives of a child/children, adoptive parents or guardians can apply to the District court to secure access permission. In the case of a child under the care of the Child and Family Agency (TUSLA), it is also possible for relatives or parents of the child to apply to the court for access.

In certain instances, the court, at it’s discretion, may decide that the access it grants must be under supervision only.

If you wish to apply for access, it is recommended you get in touch with your local District Court where you can complete and submit the relevant forms required.

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