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Financial Maintenance

Spouses and civil partners have a legal responsibility to one another to provide financial maintenance for one another and any family dependents they may have. The amount of maintenance depends on the financial means of the parties involved. In cases where there is a dispute and neither party can reach a mutually satisfactory agreement on the amount of maintenance, it is open to either party to apply to the court for a maintenance order. The court applicant must first have established that the other party has failed to provide proper financial maintenance.

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Spousal and Child Maintenance Payments – Court Application


In spousal and child maintenance court applications, it’s be up to the court to decide what level of maintenance is required taking into consideration the individual circumstance of each case. Normally, as both parties have a financial responsibility towards dependents, the party with custody of dependants can expect to receive financial support from the party without custody towards the overall ongoing cost of maintenance including living expenses. Currently, the District Court can order the maintenance of a child dependent up to a maximum payment of €150 per week from either of the parents.

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